Be your own secret agent

This being the second blog post in 4 months, I feel at liberty to dispense some advice.

Be your own secret agent.

By that I mean sit quietly, observe, feel and think independently of the people around you. Spend time blending in but knowing on the inside that you are different.

I want you to master the shifty look over the top of the newspaper, understanding the characters in a busy coffee shop whilst sipping a double esspresso. This is the mindset you will use to develop yourself purposefully. 

Only you know what you feel, and more importantly how you feel about what you feel. So spend some time with yourself. Cultivate the art of awareness and be aware of your thoughts, if only momentarily.

Good luck Mr Bond. 


An English Sterotype

I’m a 27 year old English man with a respectable job. I wear a shirt every day and I drive to work in my new car. I drink coffee and complain about the weather.

Its fucking unbearable, well, apart from the coffee.

On the outside I have what was dreamed up for me since childhood, in fact I have “exceeded expectation” compared to my younger peers.

If I have “succeeded” then why do I feel such a deep angst? Behind this fake image is a big fucking furnace that’s burning to change the world. I’m not starting at the beginning, but I’m a long way from the end of this path.

This is the first place I can write without filtering. There will be rambles, grammatical errors, and discussions on where I’m going and where I’ve been. But sit tight whilst I go Super Saiyan.